July 13, 2011

Day 1 - Your Facebook Profile Photo

Helooooooooo , challenge kedua . Let go on babe ( ; \pasal apa susah sgt nak eja benda nh ' challenge  ' Sampai kena copy paste ;3/

Hey , babe . This is my Facebook Profile Photo . Awesome right . I know already /haha , budak nh memang suka perasan lebih/ Taken this picture when SUKAN . Oren is GOJES for me while Gray is AWESOME . HAHA ;D Sometimes I dont like to be myself on DPF \default picture facebook/ You know why I dont like ? It mayb has or have a copypigless . I hate it so much . Beware babe . Dah cukup kod . Kbaiiii .

Where are you Amie <3 Text lah cepat ;3

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