October 23, 2011

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Hai Readers

Okay , hari ini nak update pasal tag mengtag tu. Punya lah ramai tag aku ;3 Penat nak buad semua. Aku guna random. No 5 iaitu tagged by Naff Rahim. Macam biasa kena buad 11 things pasal diri kita. Lets do it :>

11 Things About Me ;
  • 3/10/1996 is my bornday. Loves to watching movie exspecially Harry Potter movie.

  • Friendly person, dont jugde by its cover. Almost surf internet everynight. I dont believe in 'kawan karib'. I had 3 blogs as you dont know where are it. Love to buy a rings couple, a T-shirt couple, and more. Have a handsome boyfriend. Love English movie. Hate 'lipas' but love hamster. Have many sosial connecting.

#What fav stuffs you love the most ?
  > Everlast shoe *coming soon ;p

#What did your boyfriend do the most sweet things ?

  > Smile at me *Huahua :3

#Am I a good persons ? or bad ?
  > Yeah, friendly and also kindly

#With honest what did you hate about me ?

  > Em, nothing but I love your hair.

#Are you friendly or snoob for surely ?

  > Maybe both. hihi

#Who do you love the most ?

  > Parents.

#Did it wrong if a girl fall in love with a guy ? Give me a reason.

  > No, zaman dah berubah. Biasa lah tu girl fall in love with a guy.

#Mom or dad ? Who the most sporting ?

  > Mommy 

#Why is haters always private her/his name at the shoutbox ?

  > Hater most to be penakut 

#What is your fixed bike colour ?

  > Dont have. If I have, it could be blue colour.

#What is your dream ?
  > Dont no :3

My Question ;
> How many sosial network do you have? List it.
> Harry Potter or Miyyo Azman?
> Spansebob or Mister Crab?
> Do you love your bestfriend than your parents?
> Everlast or Toms or Fipper?
> Do you want to marry?
> How many wang ringgit in your purse now?
> What type of you handfone?
> Did you want to be a rich person?
> Hong Kong or Australia?
> Handfone or Ipad?

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 Written By: Syasya Jasmie ♥


Akeyla Frr . said...

Thankyiuuuuuu <3

Akeyla Frr . said...

Btw , kita tagged awak balik ah :3 haha . Takkesah lah awk nk jwb ke tk . ihihi .