October 21, 2011

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Hai Readers

Macam best lah pulok main tag - tag nie. Wooot, sekarang aku kena tag by Izzah Farhani. Lets do it ;>

11 things about me ;

  • I have a amazing parents and friends. I love to buying a new stuffs. Love to eat Pizza, Basket Robbins, Big Apple with doughnut. I have one brother and one sister. I had a diary. I had a patrick, spansebob, and more to be my partner sleeping. I hate exam very much. I always wear a shot pan at home. Love yo be a paramugari but I am shorted person. I dont not like k-pop. and more about me :P Boooo yeah 

1. How old are you ?
   > Currently 5teen 2011
2. Do you love to blogging ?
  > Sometimes maybe
3. Since when you started to have a blog ?
  > Since I standart.
4. Who do you love more ? Your friends or your boyfriend / girlfriend ?
  > Both. hihi :>
5. Do you ever get in fight in school ?
 > No, everyday I fighting ;3
6. Do you know everything bout your boyfriend / girlfriend ?
 > Yeahhhhhhh, ofcourse I know.
7. Do you love your day ? #when you are answering this !
> No but love to day :3
8. Are you addicted to INTERNET ?
> Yeah xD
9. Do you have a weird nickname ?
> May people call me KETOT but IDC i love that name ;>
10. Do you love to sing in your toilet ?
> Sometimes I sing ;3
11. Do you love me ? #soklan sengal XD
> Kahkah , love as friend :3

My lovely question for them ;
- What means your URL blog?
- Do you have a fixie or basikal?
- How many friends do you have in Facebook?
- Name the shopping mall that always you go?
- Do you love to eat Nasi Kandar?
- That Miyyo Azman is handsome guys?
- What the tittle on your header?
- What software editor do you use to maake a blog looks beauty?
- How many gagjet do you have? Name it.
- Single or have a partner?
- Love guys that wear a cap?

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 Written By: Syasya Jasmie ♥

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