October 21, 2011

Tagged By Nazihah Anuar

Hai Readers

Update from le tagging game I joined \tiru kejap ayat Kak Nazihah/ Was ditagged by Nazihah Anuar. Lets do it, have fun xD

11 things about me ;

  • My name is not Syasya Jasmine as you know. I stay in Perak. I love to shopping. Satuday is the best day for me sometimes. I currently have a boyfriend. I love my Bruno Mars. I have two gajet that I love it so much. Sometimes I very sensitive. I love to dress up beutifully like Selena Gomez. Addicated with Cookie Monster with Angry Bird.

 -When have you started blogging?
   > I dont think last year but since standart maybe

 - Comics or novels?

   > Ofcourse novels ♥ The best novels that I have reads is 'Cinta Kau dan Aku'.

- Your fave subject in school?

   > Maps in Geografi, Calculate in Maths and I have an amazing experiment in Science 

- What does your name mean?
  > My parents gimme name Fasihah is mean very good in speak >,<

- Where did you get your inspiration?
  > Maybe ronda - ronda di taman or in the mall xD

- Money over love or love over everything? ♥
  > Em, like a song money cant buy happenies. Kmerapu. Love over ebelithings :>

- Fave food and drink?
  > Fave food ; Soto Ayam with Potatoes & Fave drink ; Green Apple

- How many times in a day do you shower?
  >Maybe 3 times sometimes I not take shower lazy. HAHA

- Do you think Jo Kwangmin is hot? Random question.
  > Not interesting at all :P

- Coca cola, Pepsi or just plain mineral water?
  > Always plain mineral water but sometimes Coke.

- Do you easily fall in loooove? Woot woot.
 > Maybe. HAHA, I loikeeee this question Akak Nazihah >,<

Here is my own love question for them.

♥ Wat is ur fave name?
♥ Fave phone?
♥ Love or friends or animals? HAHA
♥ Who hotstuff you know?
♥ Can you suggest a amazing url for me?
♥ Bruno Mars or Justin Bieber?
♥ Shawl or pashima or tudung bawal aje? :3
♥ DSLR or video cam?
♥ Kuala Lumpur or kampung? Which one ie better?
♥ Blogskin is easy to edit?
♥ Can you make an header for me? If can just make header simple like mine xD Kalo boleh lah. 

Tagged them with love. HAHA T.T

Izyan Nazirah / Han Hanan / Anis Diyana / Cynthia Shin / Scha Dayanti / Nur Ismah / Fatyn Sharuddin / Qay Shaimi / Alia Natasha / Finie Aziz / Amalina Mustaffa.

Written By: Syasya Jasmie

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