September 23, 2011

Contest : My Header is Cute and Simple

Hai Readers

Okay , malas nak taip panjang2 . Lets begin xD

Terms and Conditions :
  • Follow Extraterrestrial
  • Like Extraterrestrial FB Fanpage
  • Update a post with the title
  • 'Contest : My Header is Cute and Simple'
  • Don't forget to put your Header you want to bet in your post
  • Put this banner also
  • Tag 3 of your blogger friends and make sure they know
  • Contest is valid from now till end of September
  • Contest will be closed if less than 7 people join

I bet this header that I think it ohsem :3

Tagie ; Sape yang rasa HEADER dia ohsem macam Yuna takpun Hana Tajima , sila join . \Apa yang aku cakap ni ^^/

 Written By: Syasya Jasmie

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